7 Best ways to look good in group photos

By Naren

People who and whose friends are photo freaks find it difficult find themselves tagged in one of the ugly group picture. There are many people who say 'If you want photo of me for reference i'll send you one , not the one that you own in which you look smarter unlike me' .

Here are Seven tips to make you look better in photo:

1. Begin with great posture, stick your neck up and push your chin out and down.

2. Put your tongue behind the teeth and give a gentle smile, laugh out for more grabby pics

3. Keep your arms loose and by your side (to have natural look)

4. Move your face little front to have better attraction (with group mates not noticing it)

5. For stand erect photos :
      Belly in, back tight, shoulders back, spine straight.

6. Stop giving the camera the 'Stink Eye'.

7. Study photogenic people.