Google Maps for iOS6 released!

By Kalyan

iOS6 has been all in the news for its buggy features, something less heard with Apple.iOS6 users were forced to use the default iOS6 Maps as Apple had removed the support for previous version of google maps.

One of the biggest problems with iOS6 has been the iOS6 Maps, with inaccurate or incomplete data, no support for transit maps, and low-quality satellite imagery, showing incorrect routes with non existent paths. It has been quite a part of Internet memes.

The release of Google maps for iOS6 yesterday has been a relief for iOS6 users. Arrival of google maps for iOS6 is not something unexpected as there have been rumours that it is expected to arrive before Christmas. With the arrival of Google maps more iOS5 are expected to make an update to iOS6.

You can get Google maps from the iTunes from here.

Download Google Maps for IOS