First impressions of 'The web world'

By Naren

The world of information opens the door via Website to most people around the world , but are the most users aware of some of the initial impressions that led to the latest web technologies?. Here we present some of the first of 'The web world'

The first web browser was invented in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It was called 'WorldWideWeb' and was later renamed 'Nexus'

worldwideweb is the oldest and first domain name registered on the Internet.


The world's first web server called CERN , later known as CERN httpd, which ran on NeXTSTEP

CERN httpd

Ray Tomlinson is generally credited as having sent the first email across a network, initiating the use of the "@" sign to separate the names of the user and the user's machine in 1971


The first social networking site was launched in 1997, name


The web's first primitive search engine, released on September 2, 1993 is W3Catalog by Oscar Nierstrasz using a series of Perl scripts


The Tech became the first newspaper published on the World Wide Web, as stated on its webpage est 1993

The tech

Xerox PARC Map Viewer, The first mapserver based on CGI/Perl


This picture of Les Horribles Cernettes was the first photographic image uploaded on web